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Art by Ali

About the Maker

I am Ali and I have been selling art for 31 years. It has always been a huge part of my life even when I went off in different directions and as of 2021, I dedicated myself full-time to my art. Since then I have found out that I truly enjoy mixed media work, however, I do all different types from portraits to commission pieces. I truly enjoy working in all types of mediums. I even do a little woodworking and soon concrete because why not. I also face embody paint and I truly enjoy waking up knowing that almost each and every day is different for me.
The main work you’ll see in the shop is what I call my geog rings. Some people call them sun catchers and yes it was beautiful in the sun on a window, but they look also just as wonderful against a plain wall. Overall if I can make you smile or a piece of mind takes you back to a point in time, a moment, or a memory that’s what it’s about for me.

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