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Blooms and Bread

About the Maker

Hello! My name is Sara Ekkens and my jelly journey has taken me to some interesting places over the six years.
It started out with a dozen flavors and a desire to do nothing remotely close to traditional, so I think I’ve safely achieved that goal.
Over the years I’ve won awards for my Ice Wine Jelly and its buddy Fire and Ice Wine Jelly (a pepper jelly made with ice wine), Raspberry Lilac, and Peach Melba Jam.
Recently Blooms and Breads expanded to include lemonades and teas. Again, not much traditional, for example, watermelon mint lemonade, elderberry lemonade, and pineapple strawberry lemonade.
One other small achievement is that I make the sunflower jellies for the Prayers for Maria fields in the fall from the sunflower petals. Edible florals make fantastic jelly! I pray you get the chance to try something new, I change things out seasonally and the beauty is that my jars are shelf stable for 18 months unopened! The ability to enjoy watermelon jelly in the winter!

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