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Cathy's Sewing Creations

About the Maker

Hi, I am Cathy Bilardo Jones. I have been sewing for over 50 years and learned to sew from my grandmother who worked in a clothing factory. I started sewing for people when my children were in preschool and everyone wanted to be “my little pony” or “dinosaurs” for Halloween. I advertised in the local paper and from there I started doing alterations, making bridal party dresses, sewing for theater groups, I made uniforms and flags for my drill team, and making baby blankets for women who sold them. When my granddaughter was born I made her a blanket with soft minky and satin trim. She really loved the comfort of the soft and smooth textures so I made her a small “blankie” and she still sleeps with it (she is 5). Almost everything I make has been from someone asking if I could “make this for them” or for a unique item thus started my statement created by my brother-in-law “Your Wishes are My Stitches” I really enjoy the challenges and fun projects people ask me to make!

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