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Champions Chocolate

About the Maker

My name is Amanda Lawrence and I own Champion Chocolates LLC. I was raised making chocolates, as my Mom had a candy business for most, if not all of my childhood. Champion Chocolates came about when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer for the third time and she could no longer continue making chocolates. As a single Mom of 4 amazing kids, it benefits me greatly to have a business that allows me such flexibility. My children are by far my greatest accomplishment - Zach is 16, Quinn is 15, Paisley is 6 and Wyatt is 5. A few months ago, a business colleague and friend approached me about sharing commercial kitchen space and opening a store. As of early 2022, Trifecta Sweets & Gifts on Massillon Rd in The Green Plaza is now the home base for Champion Chocolates! We sell products from various stores throughout Ohio!

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