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D&D Essentials

About the Maker

My name is Sarah and I'm the owner of D&D Essentials. I am a skincare company, that focuses on ingredients. I started my business when I was pregnant with my first son Daniel. I was so focused on what I was putting on my body and was shocked at the number of dangerous chemicals allowed in our skincare! I started with my mommy and me line which is 100% safe for newborns and nursing moms and is still my #1 seller to this day. My main goal is to source as much as I can from my gardens and our lovely community. This means my rose-infused facial serum is from our rose bushes, and our fig and brown sugar bars have just that...real figs from our trees! I am currently partnered with Wadsworth Brewery for our real beer-infused bars and Wolf Creek Winery for our amazing wine-infused bars. I also use cool beans cafe for our coffee scrub. I think what makes our soap and skincare products so special is how much care we take in every single ingredient. We are more than just soap, we're a homesteading movement.

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