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Jetts Blanket Co

About the Maker

My name is Andrea Stalnaker and I own Jett’s Blanket Co. I live in Wadsworth with my husband, 3 boys, and our German Shepard, Jett.
I have been making chunky knit blankets since 2019. I have a small obsession with blankets and was constantly buying them! I saw a tutorial on how to make a chunky knit, fell in love with it and the rest is history! Not only do I make blankets, but I also make winter beanies, wood bead decor, and stuffed seasonal decorations like gnomes and snowmen.
Making blankets is super therapeutic and it brings me so much joy to make for other people! I love seeing the excitement on their faces!
You can usually find me most weekends at vendor events, but now you can find me at Uniquely Handmade for You!

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