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Just Eat The Cookie

About the Maker

I started off as a tattoo artist, and during my career as a lead artist, I was looking for a change in my career. As a single mother, I ended up going to college mid-thirties and graduated in 2021. What happens during a pandemic? Well, you make cookies to give to your friends and family! And boom, Just Eat The Cookie was born!
The back story is that I grew up drawing and painting at a young age following in the footsteps of my grandfather. He always watched Bob Ross and he bought me my first painting kit at the age of eight. So the love of art and creating things with my hands has always been a dream of mine as a job. Didn’t know I would be doing it through cookies!
Now I’m here married a second time being the best wife and mother I can be while serving and bringing the joy of cookies to my community in Wadsworth and surrounding areas through Just Eat The Cookie!
Just Eat The Cookie now offers cookie classes, cookie kits, PYO, and custom orders for any occasion and loves making anything custom you can think of to fulfill your sugar cookie needs!

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