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The Red Porpoise

About the Maker

Owner Lou Fister has served Wadsworth for years as a graphic designer. In this new venture, The Red Porpoise, she is putting her hobby of upcycling and repurposing things into the marketplace. Many of the items will be embellished with her own art. For example, a print of one of her paintings put into an upcycled frame or the image of one of her drawings printed on a recycled T-shirt. She is also working on larger pieces of furniture and home décor that are available through her website. She intends to add jewelry made from repurposed tin to the store in the near future. When asked where her inspiration comes from she said; "I love finding something that has been discarded and turning it into something new, that's what God did with me." So if you see Lou creeping around yard sales or picking up furniture on the side of the road, pay her no mind, she's working on the next masterpiece.

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