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Vintage Steam

About the Maker

I am Janet Jenkins and my business is called Vintage Steam. This business has evolved from a love of antiques, auctions, and garage sales (encouraged by my grandmother) and my love of creating.
90% of the items that I create have a vintage element in them somewhere. I find old things that appeal to me and give them a new refreshed look. I upcycle home decor and jewelry. My jewelry is mostly created from broken or mismatched pieces that are collaged into something new.
There is frequently an element of steampunk in my items also. It might be very tiny, but it is often there. Hence the name Vintage Steam. Or at this point in my life, it could be that I am Vintage and trying to keep from running out of Steam!
I would love for you to look at my space and see if anything sings to you! Thank you!

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